To blog or not to blog. That is the question.

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And the answer is yes. I am going to blog.



So here we go.  I used to blog. Then came Facebook and Twitter and I suddenly forgot how to express myself in more than 140 characters.

It feels oddly liberating to be able to use full words and sentences and paragraphs! How luxurious. So fancy!

So here we are. My intentions for this blog are as follows:

1. Sunday Adventures.

Often at the weekends, I go out for a little exploration with my camera. More often than not, getting hopelessly lost as I don't have a GPS. But stalking around fields and beaches with a camera is how I ended up in this crazy business in the first place. It's where my heart is and keeps me inspired and keeps me looking at the world. Plus what is the point in living in this ridiculously beautiful country if you're not going to get out amongst it and appreciate it? So I thought it would be cool to be able to take you guys with me. I often end up with images that work better as a collection, telling the story of a place. So a blog where I can chat and sit images alongside each other seems a much better home for this stuff.  My adventures may take  the form of walk down by the river at the end of my road or it could be a full blown weekend roadtrip. Either way, I'd like to be able to post some of what I'm doing and talk about what I see. Fair warning, at this time of year, you've going to get a lot of pictures of frolicking lambs shoved in your face.  I'm sorry, I like sheep. Especially small ones.  That frolick. If you don't like frolicking lambs, then quite frankly I don't know what to do with you.


2. Animals.

I have an ongoing animal project at the moment. Currently focussing on creative pet photography which isn't anywhere NEAR as "crazy old lady in a hairnet" as it sounds.  I'm looking to expand this out to puppies and any other creatures I get my hands on. But I'm experimenting with a bunch of different concepts at the moment. Even I don't quite know where it's going to end up, yet, but I thought it might be cool to share a bit of that chaotic fun too. Plus this is the internet, and felines are in. It's Keyboard Cat's world and we're just living in it.


3. Things.

I don't know what 3 is yet. But if something bizarre comes along that I want to blog about, I can point here and say "look! This comes under 3!" and then nobody can complain.


So there we go. Hope to see you back here to share some of my wanderings.  In the meantime, have some deliciousness from one of my evening walks recently.







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