The Orange and The Bubbles

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Blog number 2.  In which our heroes investigate the powerful connection between felines and bubble wrap.


Hi everyone! How are you?  I’m good.


That was awkward.  I really don’t know how to address a blog audience. Especially as my audience probably just consists of my mum.  Hi mum!


Anyway, I’m embarking on some super creative pet photography at the moment. I find a lot of the typical pet photography you tend to find on cheap calenders (it’s a bored looking cat in a stocking!) a bit cheesy and not really suited to my style.


So I’ve been doing some experimenting and mixing things up a bit. Getting a bit creative.  I have 3 long suffering cats who are “helping” me do this. And by helping I mean “tolerating”.  And by “tolerating” I mean largely ignoring me and doing whatever they want.  I really should have started out doing this with dogs.  I feel like they’d be a lot more accommodating.


Anyway, I thought I would write the occasional blog on how these little experiments go.


The other evening I was clearing out our spare room and came across a carrier bag full of bubble wrap. My initial instinct was obviously to pop ALL OF THE BUBBLES.  But once that had passed, I decided I needed to shoot a bubble wrapped cat.


The following hour was spent laying a bubble wrap trap which basically consisted of me coating an arm chair in bubble wrap. The key to this is to create something that LOOKS like it is not remotely intended for a cat because everybody knows that cats will only get amongst things that they know they’re not supposed to. As the sun went down, taking with it, my beautiful natural light, I sighed and gave up for the evening.


Almost immediately after it’d gotten dark, my ginger cat Pinto clambered on in there, as if to say “Oh you wanted me to sit in here?  Oh you should have said.  Guess it’s too dark now eh? OH WELL”


I went bed to cursing all things fuzzy and orange.  But I underestimated his immense laziness. The next morning he was still there!  And remained there for a good 4 hours. The light was perfect and I could shoot him snoozing with only the occasional cantankerous glance towards my camera.


God bless you Pinto. You and your always reliable narcolepsy.


(note the bubble wrap overnight was pretty flat on the chair.  I scrunched it up more to photograph him in the morning but he was in no danger of suffocation! No Orange cats were harmed in the making of these photos)






Not to be outdone, Pagan had a quick scrunch in there as well...



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