Ameowlia Earheart

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A few people have been interested in the Cat Plane photo or "Ameowlia Earheart" as it's now known (thanks to my lovely friend Bailey who I'm going to ask to name all my photos!) so here's some extra piccies from when I shot it.

I've also added some others I've been playing around with including a tea party which was somewhat disastrous. Nobody did what they were supposed to. My black cat, Pagan is consistently the subject because I've learned she will pretty much let me do anything if she gets to sit in a box.  Pinto, my ginger cat, will let me do NOTHING. And basically will only be photographed if he happens to be cruising past.  But he was generous to get involved with the 'tea party' setup because FOOD. Even then, he wasn't very relaxed or co-operative because he started getting grumpy that someone else might get the food.  You can't win 'em all.

Also included the make-shift sailboat picture which kicked all this off with me.  I'm really happy with that one. Mostly because I scored a wooden crate from a skip for it!  I was so excited. If anyone has any old wooden crates they want to get rid of, hit me up! I need more!

I have lined up a long list of animal subjects who I'm going to be spending some time with over the coming weeks - not just felines either!  I'm super excited to push myself and try and create some fabulous images.  Mostly because Pagan is going to start peeing in my shoes if I make her pose any longer. She did love that plane though..


This is how it started.. Sorry for the grainyness of my scanner.  It's really ruining this stunning piece of artwork.  It's reassuring to know that if photography falls through, I can have a successful career and as someone who scrawls weird pictures of cats in her notebook.



She's REALLY into the plane. I left it out on the living room floor in the evening and went to bed. At the last minute I remembered I left something in the living room so I walked back in there to switch the light on and found her sitting bolt upright in the plane.  She'd just been sitting in there in the dark.  Bit creepy, actually. 


I'm not sure the jetty really worked but I liked it anyway. I wanted to make a little cardboard streetlamp to go on the end of it and then make it nighttime and light it up.  Then I realised I don't really have the skill or the patience to spend a year on electronically lighting up cardboard streetlights. Spending all day on this weird stuff is probably how serial killers get started.

The idea really evolved through my increasingly weird cat portraits and veered into a deliberately hand-made-looking, Michel Gondry 'Science of Sleep' type aesthetic.  I love me some Michel Gondry and there's nothing that dude can't do with cardboard.  He also did a cool Steriogram music video where everything's made out of wool. Anyway, I'm hoping to take this and put together some pieces in this style. Think I'm going to need a bigger box...

The teaparty setup was just me starting to play with props and make things pretty.  I didn't mean to imply that they were tucking into the bird from the birdcage but that might have accidentally become a thing.  Just to be clear, nobody was harmed or eaten in the making of these images.



This little makeshift Sailboat idea came about purely from just playing with boxes in my living room.  I had her sat in there and suddenly realised, with the reflection from the floor, that she was clearly adrift and in need of a sail.  I constructed the sail from a wooden pole from an old rake out of the garden and a pillow case. Clearly I'm the MacGyver of Cat Photography now. 


And this was just an attempt to use the pile of boxes in my living room for something...She wasn't keen on staying in them for long though.


Thanks so much for all your likes and shares and comments.  I hope you realise that you guys are all totally my enablers now.  With each positive comment, comes a new idea and more reason for my cats to hate me.

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