Prepare your eyeballs for a cuteness assault.

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I was recently contacted by the very lovely Anu Sefton who is currently fostering animals for a local animal rescue centre called Benji & Friends.

She had 3 kittens that she was trying to find new homes for and would I be interested in photographing them?

"would you like to photograph some kittens?" is probably a rhetorical question. Particularly when you're me.  You don't say no to kittens.  That is one of my rules in life and the major reason why my house is 90% cat hair.

Anyway, they came over to be photographed and they were oh so delightful and didn't at all mind being plonked in boxes and birdcages and whatever else I could find.  I uploaded a bunch to facebook but I don't think you can fully comprehend the cuteness unless you see the pictures big. So I've decided to put them up here with a bunch of extra ones because godammit, this is my blog and if I want to post too many kitten pictures, then I have a right to do it here.

Before we get to the pics, if you have any interest in adopting one of these little guys or just supporting this awesome charity, drop Benji & Friends a line and have a chat with them. And like their facebook page while you're at it!


First up, this is JASPER.


And this little cutie stubby-legged wonder is EBONY!

NOTE: kittens fighting to stay awake when they've suddenly crashed is never not amazing to watch:

And finally we have WINNIE.  Who I have to say, appears to have photobombed more pictures than the other 2. He's into everything.


Aaaand here's just a whole bunch of others. THEY ARE THE CUTEST. My life is cuter having met them.  You should go adopt them all now.



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