Amy & Ryan's Hallowedding

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Amy and Ryan show everybody what a Hallowedding looks like.



Hi hi hi everyone!

So, here is the thing. Last year on Halloween (ish, a couple of days before), my partner Matt and I photographed our lovely friends wedding. It wasn't the usual wedding. It was a Hallowedding and it was magical. I utterly failed to get this blog written in a timely manner so it sort of drifted and never got posted. But now it is their one year anniversary so I thought I'd share it now and pretend that was the plan all along. HOORAY.

I should preface all this by saying I really don't shoot weddings. This was a bit of a one-off (as you'll see). But this is not me entering the wedding photographer realm. I am still firmly in the 4 legged subjects camp!

Amy is cat-mum to Sphynx cats Leonard, Delilah and Benedict so I've worked with her quite a lot but never with her in front of the camera. She's the coolest, funniest lady and one of my favourite humans. And she was marrying the effortlessly cool and awesome Ryan who is so well suited to her, they are perfect together. Add in the incredibly adorable Alice (Amy's little girl) and you have one of the sweetest little families ever. Watching them become an "official" family was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Their wedding was at the gorgeous Highden Manor in The Manawatu. I'd never been in there before. It's an incredible building. Particularly when it's decked out in pumpkins!

Anyway, here's a little glimpse at their day. Thanks so much for having us along, guys!

In case your wondering, Amy and Ryan now have enough Halloween decorations to open a store. They also have a very convenient reason to get them ALL out every year. Halloween/Anniversary party!

Did I mention that Ryan was wearing horns? Yes. Ryan was wearing horns. I hope this starts a trend.

Alice does this thing where she puts one foot on the side when she's posing and it legitimately destroys me with the cuteness. And yes, she had a little witches hat!

Amy, Ryan and Alice stayed together at Highden Manor the night before the wedding and then in the morning they all got ready together. No"first look" or hiding the bride away. These guys wanted to do the whole shebang as a family.

At this point, my disgustingly talented other half Matt Barnes took some truly fantastic portraits of everyone before the ceremony. He set up his lights in the hallway and really nailed the cinematic Addams Family Vibe they wanted. 



They walked down the "aisle" to Marilyn Manson's "I Put a Spell On You". Just in case you were still on the fence as to whether they are the coolest people alive.

Oh right, yes. The celebrant was dressed as the Grim Reaper.

When the celebrant talked about the connection between little Alice and her soon-to-be-stepdad Ryan, Alice burst into tears. They were happy tears though and she was fine! She is such a super sweet sensitive kid.


"I Ryan take you, Amy

To be my awful wedded wife

I promise to love you

At least a little more than Peppa"

(Peppa is Ryan's Pug and BFF)


"I'll keep laughing at your dad jokes

And be the encouragement

that you don't need.

Always to the Ho to your Mo.

"For poorer or poorer

During hangovers and in health

To loathe and to cherish

Till suspicious death do we part"

Quick skip into the neighbouring room to do the official signing stuff and a second to take a deep "holy crap, we're married!" breath.

We had to pause for a sec here because Amy saw a frog in the pool and I had to go check out the frog (because obviously!) except I scared it and it swam off. I like to think it showed up to wish the happy couple well though.

All the essentials.

Mums eh?

So an extra huge happy anniversary to Amy and Ryan and an equally huge thank you for letting us be a part of such an awesome day filled with such fantastic people. And the super duper cherry on top? Amy is *just* about to give birth to a baby boy! You better believe he already has a Halloween themed outfit selection.


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