Wednesday, 23 September 2015 20:56

Springtime Babies

 I've been on the lookout for some gorgeous farm animals to photograph for a while now and with Spring fast approaching, I knew there would be some super cute babies on the way so I did a bit of a call out amongst my friends to see if anybody knew of any babies I could photograph. As luck would have it, my lovely friend Casi put the word out to Jody Robinson-Wildey to get in touch. She has a dream home with a fantastic array of cuties waiting to be photographed. The best part is, they're all pets! So I didn't have to come away at the end feeling sad.

At the time they were photographed the two lambs (Mint and Sage) were just a couple of weeks old and the two calves (Willow and Olive) were around 8 weeks. SO cute and friendly!

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Monday, 20 October 2014 03:50

A Lamb Called Little

A little bit more of my time with Little the Lamb because his cuteness could not be contained on facebook alone.

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I was recently contacted by the very lovely Anu Sefton who is currently fostering animals for a local animal rescue centre called Benji & Friends.

She had 3 kittens that she was trying to find new homes for and would I be interested in photographing them?

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Thursday, 10 October 2013 02:09

Home Sweet Home

A little look at Norfolk and the English Countyside I grew up in. With added ghost stories and horses. Also there's a cat.

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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 23:06

To blog or not to blog. That is the question.

And the answer is yes. I am going to blog.

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